Rumor: Miami heat looking to trade for Ibaka

According to the miami herald, the Miami heat are looking to trade for Serge Ibaka. In theory a front court with both Hassan Whiteside and Serge Ibaka would be amazing defensively. Both are elite rim protectors which might make the Heat one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. The only question is what Miami is going to give back and if it is worth it.

Miami is still in playoff contention and with the trade deadline coming up quick, fast, and in a

Ibaka is in the last year of his contract and is making about 12 million dollars this season. If you can make sure Ibaka resigns with the Heat it might be a good deal but if not you are giving something up for a few month loaner. Even though he might help getting the Heat to the playoffs, what would the Heat be willing to give up?


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